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Race Officer

A resource centre for race officers.  See also "Racing" page for additional information that relates to general racing and the racing rules of sailing.  This page contains additional racing information specific to race organisation, race management and race officer.

Racing Charter (CSRO007) - RYA
Rules disputes questions and answers (CSRO035) - RYA

Course Diagrams (CSR044)

A windward/leeward course with a finish at the leeward end is assigned the letter 'L'; an inner loop trapezoid course is 'I'; an outer loop trapezoid is 'O'; a match racing windward/leeward with starboard roundings is 'M'.  Any course that has an offset mark at the windward end has the letter 'A' added after the first letter.

Race Management

This guide covers a range of topics, see table below, additional information is contained in the attached documents the number indicating the equivalent CSRO0xx reference e.g. CSRO012 Advertising.  These individual documents are also contained in a single publication - RYA Racing Rules Guide December 2015 (CSRO061), published by the RYA

Advertising [12]

Appeals & requests for confirmation / correction [17]

Boats & limited visibility [13]

Changes to RRS (Jan 2013) [18]

Competitor misconduct [19]

Outside help [27]

Racing under IRPCAS [40]

Redress [33]

Small boat safety regulations [37]

Protest form (PDF and Word)  [42]

Hearing decision form [43]

Rules disputes [11]

Rules disputes questions & answers [11a]

Rules disputes poster [09]

Championship results [16]

Discretionary penalties [20]

Environmental responsibility & trash [21]

Gate marks [14]

Gate starts [15]

Information for observers at hearings [22]

Information for competitors from protest committees [23]

IRC rating protests [24]

Judging and umpiring [25]

Measurement protests [26]

Permitted use of an engine [28]

Photography [29]

Protecting boats before the start [30]

Protecting committee boats [31]

Race officials code of conduct [32]

Racing around waypoints [39]

Recommendations for protest committee [41]

Restricting protests or requesting redress by boats [10]

Risk statement [34] and Addendum Appendix A [34a]

Scoring [36]

Starting penalties [38]



Racing Rules and Interpretations